Beta-reader has approved Visitor’s Blood Book 3!

I met this fantastic author (who also reviews indie books) in the writing community on Twitter who read and reviewed both ‘Visitor’s Blood’ and ‘Borrowed Loyalty.’ He extended a beta-read offer which I gratefully accepted for ‘Arbitrary Equilibrium,’ the last book in this trilogy. His reviews are always very thorough and since he’d already read the rest of the series, I knew I could trust him with beta-reading.

*dramatic breath*

He said it was the best in the trilogy! I am ecstatic! After the compliments I’ve received on the other two books and the eleven year journey creating this series has been, I was fearful that the ending was going to be disappointing. I suppose it may still be to some, but as of right now, I’m stoked.

‘Visitor’s Blood’ was my first real project as a writer. It’s evolved a lot over the years and there were many times I gave up or got discouraged. Seeing it come to a satisfactory end is a huge relief. I’m beyond ready to look forward to brand new stories and put all that this journey has taught me to good use. Of course, I’ll never stop looking for ways to improve ^.-

I’ll be posting an official cover reveal soon as well as putting ‘Arbitrary Equilibrium’ up for pre-order. If you haven’t read any of this series and by chance you enjoy science fiction, aliens, vampires, and rebellion against tyrannical governments, you can read Visitor’s Blood Book 1 for FREE via Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or Smashwords.

If you missed that book 2 had come out, you can get it now as an ebook or paperback at multiple outlets here.

And if you do read, if you could take a minute to review on Goodreads and/or the site you purchased/downloaded from or even your own blog, that would be exceedingly helpful and appreciated.

Oh and last, but not least, this fantastic author/reviewer/beta-reader is the wonderful Quinn Buckland. Show him some love with follows (Twitter; Facebook; Instagram), check out his books, or watch his book reviews.

Have a fantastic day!
Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden


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