Current Writing Projects 4/2021

With the final book in my Visitor’s Blood trilogy published, here is an update on my current writing projects and plans:

Abaddon [Dark Fantasy Series] Hunter, a depressed necromancer and ex-con, is convinced to flee the US when suspicion regarding his species arises, threatening discriminatory treatment despite having already atoned for his crimes nearly a hundred years ago.

This is the description for book 1, which is complete. The Abaddon series features many LGBT+ characters including Hunter, who is a pansexual intersex male. It also contains subjects of mental health such as depression, self harm, and PTSD. It is written in English, but being set in Mexico, has many Spanish words and phrases as well. My plan is to finish book 2 this year and look for an agent to represent the series.

Untitled [Horror Comedy] Killed in her rush to get to the hospital and deliver a very special package, Alice makes a deal with a demon to allow her to finish this quest…but there is something very strange about this particular demon. Will this oddity and Alice’s unrivaled determination be enough to forge a happy ending?

I’m yet to come up with a name for this one because to be honest, I started it on a whim. I posted a writing challenge, asking people to comment genre and character description. I was then meant to pick a couple and write them as short stories. However, I picked this one and three days later, I’m at 20,000 words. D: Not my intention! Nonetheless, I love the story so far. This will probably be posted as a free story, but we will see after it is done and I have talked to the person who made the comment.

Comfort in Their Arms [Gritty Contemporary Fiction] Being a teenager is never easy, but for Nicole and her brothers, it means living in a constant state of fear. After their mother dies in an unforeseeable accident, they are left to survive in the custody of an alcoholic father whose violent nature only worsens without anyone to buffer his blows. When they realize there is nobody who can help, will these siblings venture apart in their attempts to escape or will they find comfort in each other’s arms?

I’m already 40,000 words into this one which by my estimation, means I’m about halfway through. I’m not decided on if I will self-publish or look for representation for this one as well. I suppose it depends on how I feel about the final version and my luck in finding an agent for Abaddon.

I also have started work on a psychological thriller novel, a short story collection inspired by dreams I’ve had, and the next volume of Hallucinatory Tribulation. I will let y’all know when I’ve finished another book, found representation, published, and so on.

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