Baphy1428 is my username pretty much everywhere you go online and as I’m sure you’ve guessed, it’s just a nickname. Baphy is short for ‘Baphomet’ and the number comes from being a horror fan. If you get the reference, you may have a cookie.

Anyway, my real name is Sahreth Abaddon Bowden. I was born and raised in a small Arkansas town and currently live in a small Arkansas city with my beautiful and amazing wife of 10 years, who is also a writer though our styles/genres are quite different. We have many children, including cats, rats, dogs, a ball python, a rabbit, and a possum. We’re both nature lovers and probably spend way too much time together.

I won’t say I always wear black, but I will say when you open my closet, it looks like a void. So in that scene, you could call me a ‘casual goth.’ Outside of writing, some of my favorite activities are making reborn dolls, collecting dolls and taxidermy pieces, browsing thrift shops, taking pictures, and dabbling in photoshop. For 8 years, I was a rat breeder of multiple breeds including rex, double rex, and sphynx. Currently, I only breed occasionally and this is mostly to ensure I always have pet rats at home.

Other than spending quality time with my wife though, writing and reading are without a doubt my favorite pastime as it was when I was growing up. It also takes up 90% of my time. I don’t have a set genre that I write or read in. I’ll read just about everything and thus far, have written science fiction, social fiction, horror, psychological horror/thriller, romance, fantasy, contemporary fiction, and even fanfiction.

My themes do tend toward character struggle/development, corrupt government, socio issues such as racism, and psychological topics such as mental illness, loss, trauma, and many forms of abuse. I do offer content warnings at the bottom of book summaries so readers who wish to know about possibly upsetting content can be aware.



I grew up in a small Southern US town on the Arkansas/Mississippi border. My immediate family consisted of my biological parents, my older brother, and eventually, my little sister. My maternal grandparents were a huge part of my life as were my mom’s siblings and their families. Part of my dad’s family was around, but it wasn’t very regular or close contact.

During grades K4-3rd, I attended a private school. I was taken out to be home-schooled for 4th-5th partly due to my health, but also for my brother having trouble in school. Went to a public school for grades 6th-9th where I was offered the chance to skip a grade that I denied in favor of sticking close to friends. In 10th grade, I was once again home-schooled because of my physical inability to attend school, but returned to the same public school for 11th-12th where I graduated.

I was an honor student throughout grade-school and was granted scholarships. However, I never really wanted to go to college. Mostly because my health wouldn’t ever allow me to properly keep up with a normal job so I saw it as a wasted effort. I attended college online for about a semester though, keeping As in all classes except Algebra which I failed, leading to my funding being revoked.

It was shortly before I graduated high school that I started dating my now-wife and it was about 3 weeks after that we eloped. We’ve been going strong for ten years. After years of straining to make our relationships with our biological families work, we no longer have much contact with them. However, we find happiness in one another and in our chosen families nonetheless.

I mentioned my health issues above so let me fill you in a little more on that:

48418802_319254005347677_1804122758104219648_n - Copy.jpgI’ve been disabled all my life. My illnesses began with the diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia when I was 7, following with Hepato-Pulmonary Syndrome, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia, Avascular Necrosis, and then the genetic disorder thought to have caused all of it: Dyskeratosis Congenita. These have caused a plethora of issues including lung failure that almost killed me, hip replacements, liver transplant, blindness in one eye, difficulty with basic tasks such as walking or lifting, and of course the countless medications, blood transfusions, biopsies, aspirations, and so on.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Generalized Mood Disorder, and Sleep Disorders when I turned 18 and was finally able to see a psychiatrist. I’ve since been re-diagnosed with the more correct illnesses of Schizoaffective Disorder (basically Schizophrenia and Major Depressive Disorder combined) and PTSD.

I’m somehow still around and I attribute most of it to my incredibly loving and supportive wife. Ten strong years together, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s been all rainbows. We’ve had our fair share of trials and things we’ve both had to strive to be better on, but we have stuck together and are very much still in love as surely as the day we met.

~Early Work~

My writing journey began when I was somewhere in the vicinity of 8 years old and wrote a fanfiction short placing myself, my brother, and my cousin as our favorite characters from a Nintendo game. The gist of the story was our characters were in a race where my brother cheated by pushing me into a lake, causing me to get stuck and drown. My cousin saw this and vowed to make it right, which he did by letting my brother cross the finish line first, only to kill him.

Around 10, I wrote another short about a couple who went to live with a strange, distant relative after losing their home. This woman had one condition: that they not enter a certain room. The couple agree, but as they start their lives in the new town, they begin hearing rumors about their relative. These include her being an escaped psychiatric patient, a murderer, and even a cannibal. Regardless of the reason, the consensus was nobody felt comfortable around her. Of course this leads to the couple wanting to figure out what she’s hiding in the room and when they finally get the locked door open…there is absolutely nothing inside.

At 12, I wrote what I considered my first creation that was worth anything. It’s a short psychological horror story by the name of ‘His Will.’ In fact, I was proud enough of it that I’ve since re-written and published it. You can read it for free here.

Shortly after my little sister was born when I was about 13 or 14, I wrote and illustrated a children’s story about a lonely little girl who found a bag of magic marbles. After accidentally dropping one, it rolls down a hill and into a pond. The girl is scared that she’ll lose it, but instead finds that the marble has transformed into a huge talking cat named Katrina, with fur every color of the rainbow. She and Katrina go on adventures together, along the way collecting more friends from the marbles. This is a story I tend to rewrite in the future. I’ve already chosen an illustrator.

I didn’t write anything again until I was 17 which was when I started on Visitor’s Blood. Back then, it was a stand-alone novel, not a trilogy. Unfortunately, I lost the first completed copy when I was 18 when my laptop was stolen and I wasn’t welcome at home anymore. This made me give up on writing altogether for a few years. When I was 21, I finally rewrote the book, then rewrote it again by the time I was 23. I self-published it for perhaps a few months before I decided it was trash and pulled the listings.

At 25, I thought I’d never have the drive to write or the skill to be a professional author. I picked up writing fanfiction in a last ditch attempt to hold onto my dream and surprisingly found it was just what I needed not only to enjoy writing, but to practice and be confident in my work. By 27, I had rewritten Visitor’s Blood for the final time and published it officially. At this point, I had expanded into a trilogy.

Now, I have books 1 and 2 of the Visitor’s Blood trilogy published and book 3 is being beta read. I’ve also published To Hell and Back for You, a gay paranormal romance, and Hallucinatory Tribulation Vol 1, a collection of short psychological horror shorts inspired by and some even based on my own experiences as a psychiatric patient.

~Current & Future Projects~

Visitor’s Blood book 3 ‘Arbitrary Equilibrium’ has been sent to a beta-reader.

Currently, I’m working on a fantasy series involving necromancy, secret orders, magic, magical creatures, and assorted dark topics. Book 1 follows Hunter, a pansexual intersex man, musician, and ex-con, as the government realizes his immortality and he must flee to Mexico to seek fair legal treatment as a presumed non-human.

I’m also working on a gritty realistic fiction about abuse & survival. Set in 1992, the McKinney family is a poor household in a poor, rural town. Outsiders see them as just another poverty stricken, simple minded collection doing their best to get by in a cruel world. Nicole, Sawyer, and Jaidan, the three teenagers who live under the roof of their abusive, alcoholic father and a mother who runs to drugs instead of their aid, have a different story to tell.

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~Sahreth ‘Baphy’ Bowden